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Election mail task force update for letter carriers

Extraordinary Measures Memorandum

RDOI-FY21-02- Delivery Retail Customer Service Ops Election and Political / Election Mail Guidebook

RDOI-FY21-01-Retail and Delivery Guidance on Postmarking Ballots October 2020 

NALC and the other postal unions and management associations continue to meet with the Postal Service to prepare for the anticipated increase in election mail this fall. We have made progress on the operational protocols and communications we reported on the September 23 election mail task force update. Additionally, we deployed local election mail task forces all over the country.

Local election mail task forces consist of management and union members in each postal facility. The NALC representatives in delivery units are selected by the branch president.  Each task force should ensure appropriate communication is accomplished with all employees and quickly identify and resolve issues that may arise.

This week, task forces participated in a national meeting to educate them on protocols that have been put in place. A daily checklist has also been developed to give each task force a variety of issues to check to ensure protocols are followed. In the coming days and weeks, the task forces will ensure nationally developed stand up talks are delivered to all employees.

We encourage letter carriers that are serving on these task forces to have daily conversations with other task force members about the status of operational protocols and communication locally. Should any questions arise, letter carriers should contact a branch officer or the appropriate national business agent.