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Explosive devices discovered in mail packages; know the warning signs

Over the last several days, the media have reported on a number of explosive devices sent through the mail to prominent Democrats and vocal critics of the current administration. While the FBI have taken the devices for investigation, the Postal Service has issued a stand-up talk for letter carriers and other postal workers to help them identify any additional suspicious packages.

“Letter carriers should remember the warning signs,” NALC President Fredric Rolando said. “When in doubt, don’t take any risks and follow the protocols for treating it as a suspicious package.

 “Take every precaution to keep yourself and others out of danger,” Rolando said.

Characteristics to look out for include:

If you open a mailbox and see a suspicious item:

If you see smoke or hear sounds such as hissing, and think there is an immediate danger:

Even if you believe there is not an immediate danger: