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Former Branch 860 President Genichi Matsumoto dies

Genichi Matsumoto died on Dec. 9. Brother Matsumoto was an Army veteran who started his career as a letter carrier in 1969.  He served as president of Honolulu, HI Branch 860 for 22 years and is credited with bringing the branch into the modern era and representing letter carriers as intended by the contract. President Emeritus Matsumoto retired in June 2000.

Current Branch 860 President Howard Komine shared that he was always able to get advice and guidance from Matsumoto to the very end and that he was proud to help.

Matsumoto is survived by his wife Alice and his daughters Cindy and Jodi. He was 87.

“On behalf of NALC, I send my deepest sympathies to Genichi’s family, friends, and brothers and sisters at Branch 860,” NALC President Brian L. Renfroe said. “Brother Matsumoto spent more than two decades leading his branch and remained committed to helping its members well into his retirement. I appreciate his dedicated service to Branch 860. He will be greatly missed.”