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Interest Arbitration Update

This week, NALC and USPS have continued with interest arbitration hearings each day to resolve the impasse over the 2019 collective bargaining agreement. The arbitration panel, chaired by neutral Arbitrator Dennis Nolan,  heard testimony this week from NALC President Fred Rolando, Executive Vice President Brian Renfroe and two panels of letter carriers listed below. One letter carrier panel testified about  how the letter carrier job has changed and become more demanding, difficult, and dangerous over the years. A second panel testified about their experiences as a city carrier assistant. 

Andy Tuttle – Branch 104 – Lawrence, KS

Benjamin Dixon – Branch 1 – Detroit, MI

Chareke Batten – Branch 247 – Hampton, VA

Corey Walton – Branch  4 – Nashville, TN

Destiney Carrillo – Branch 111 – Salt Lake City, UT

Joey Hargrove – Branch 155 – O'Fallon, IL

Kayla Quinlan – Branch  509 – York, PA

Kelly Mathaw – Branch 1 – Detroit, MI

Lori Ann Mottolo – Branch 3688 – Willoughby, OH

Matt Leger – Branch 51 – Fall River, MA

Michael Williams – Branch 599 – Tampa, FL

Sandra Seward – Branch 5996 – Centennial, CO

Tommy Devros – Branch 4319 – Anchorage, AK

Xochitl Oceguera Hernandez – Branch 4430 – Palmdale, CA

Additionally, NALC attorneys have argued NALC’s case with a series of presentations on testimony submitted by various professional expert witnesses. Hearings will continue through Friday of this week and resume the week of November 9.