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Letter Carrier Resource Guide is available online

Letter Carrier Resource Guide is available online

NALC’s Letter Carrier Resource Guide combines the 2016 City Carrier Assistant Resource Guide and the 2014 Letter Carrier’s Guide into one new, improved, merged, and updated publication. A one-stop shop for valuable information for all city letter carriers at every stage of their career. With a redesigned format and over twenty pages of new information, the Letter Carrier Resource Guide was created to address letter carriers’ concerns at every stage of their career. For city carrier assistants, the guide includes updated CCA rights and benefits reflected in the 2016-2019 National Agreement and the joint Questions and Answers 2011 USPS/NALC National Agreement.

A new “On-the-Job” section provides information on issues relevant to the workroom floor, such as Delivery Operations Information System (DOIS) projections and PS Form 3996; the MDD; Customer Connect; and Sunday parcel delivery. Additional chapters with information on Wounded Warriors Leave, ePayroll, PS Form 3971, and holiday provisions will assist letter carriers in using their contractual rights.

Also in the new guide is a significantly expanded section explaining the changes to letter carriers’ rights and benefits when they become full-time regular (FTR), part-time regular (PTR), or part-time flexible (PTF). This section explains things such as layoff protection, military buyback, and contractual overtime provisions.

The Letter Carrier Resource Guide, a comprehensive guide for every letter carrier, is now available in downloadable PDF format on the NALC website.  The online version contains links throughout the guide which will connect you directly to additional relevant information.  Click here for your Letter Carrier Resource Guide.