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Mutual Benefit Association representative training

NALC Director of Life Insurance Jim Yates has announced an MBA Rep training to be held on February 4. This is the first in a series of training sessions and will be focused on the MBA's Individual Disability Income and Hospital Plus policies.

Branch presidents may begin registering their MBA Representative for the training through the branch president’s Members Only page. The registration directions are below.

As a reminder, the delegates at the 2022 convention in Chicago amended the constitution to require every branch to have an MBA Rep as an officer in their branch. If you do not currently have this position, you may still assign one member to attend this training while you go through the process of updating your branch by-laws to add the MBA Rep officer position.

The class will begin at 2 p.m. eastern and will be one and a half hours long.

NALC has developed the ability to create a registration and training gateway through the “MEMBERS ONLY” portal on the NALC website.


Once a meeting has been scheduled through the “MEMBERS ONLY” portal, branch presidents will need to register their members in order for them to attend. To access the registration option, branch presidents can go to the NALC website and log on to the “MEMBERS ONLY” portal.  Once logged on to the “MEMBERS ONLY” portal, click the “Meetings Registration” button, which will display a list of upcoming meetings.  From there, presidents can register a member(s) by entering their last name in the “Search” box and selecting the correct member from the drop-down list. A member can also be removed from the “Registry” list by checking the box under the delete column next to the corresponding member. Branch presidents will not be able to register more than the maximum number of attendees per branch or exceed the maximum number of attendees for that session. The maximum number of registrants per branch and for the session, as well as the registered-to-date counts, are displayed on the registration screen.

Training Materials

Training materials and other pertinent information may be supplied for each session in the form of PDF documents. These documents will be available to registrants on their “MEMBERS ONLY” page. The documents can be printed, copied, and/or saved.

Accessing Meeting Information and/or Joining the Meeting

When a registered member wants to access training materials, view topics, or join a meeting, they can go to the NALC website and log on to the “MEMBERS ONLY” portal.  Once logged into the portal, the member will press the “Meetings” button, which will display a list of those meetings the member is registered to attend. For each meeting, there will be three buttons: the “Documents” button will give the member access to the training materials; the “Topics” button will give the member access to a list of topics (if any); and the “Join” button.  The “Join” button will appear 10 minutes prior to the start time on the day of the meeting.  If you log into the “MEMBERS ONLY” portal sooner than 10 minutes prior to the start of the meeting, you will need to exit to the home page and re-enter to access the “Join” button. Once you select the join button, you will be taken to a WebEx website titled “Starting your meeting…”.  Scroll down to select “Join from your browser.”  When joining, the member will be prompted to enter their name and email address in order to attend the meeting. Proceed by selecting the “next” button followed by the “Join Meeting” button.