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NALC Activist publication revitalized; Winter 2024 edition now available online

The NALC Activist is a newsletter intended for shop stewards, branch officers and all local NALC leaders.

The publication has been around since 1986—with a couple of pauses along the way—and has been revived this month to continue providing additional resources to assist in educating and informing local NALC representatives.

The NALC Activist is designed with the needs of NALC representatives in mind, addressing issues and problems that arise in our everyday work lives. Over the years, the publication has proven to be a good training tool and NALC is proud to bring it back to life. With the goal of giving practical advice and skills on such topics as how to effectively run a branch meeting, how to conduct a training, or how to create a branch publication, branch representatives should find the articles useful. 

The Winter 2024 edition of the NALC Activist covers topics on NALC local negotiations, a shop steward’s right to information, our right to have union bulletin boards in the post office, workers’ compensation-related grievance advice, managing stress, health benefits and mutual benefits representatives, MDA fundraising, and the many roles shop stewards play.

Moving forward, the NALC Activist will be published quarterly and will provide representatives with the tools and knowledge needed to build and maintain strong and effective branches. Each issue will feature articles that will improve your knowledge of the contract and help you better understand the grievance procedure. You will see articles suggesting new ways in which NALC representatives can approach the problems they face while performing their duties. We will cover workplace issues, contract questions and the latest information for local leaders.

The Winter 2024 edition of the NALC Activist can be found here. A downloadable PDF is available here. A copy will also soon be mailed to branch and state presidents, arbitration advocates, Step-B representatives, and NALC’s 15 regional offices. Previous editions of the NALC Activist dating back to 1997 are also available online at