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NALC and American workers lose a champion

“Today, we mourn the loss of Rich Trumka, who was a champion for letter carriers and American workers. He was a ‘happy warrior’ who never stopped fighting for the values of economic justice, racial equity, and solidarity. He was a fixture at NALC conventions and events for decades, before and after becoming AFL-CIO President in 2009. Rich was a friend, who stood with us in every major fight we’ve had in the past 20 years, from the battle against contracting out letter carrier jobs to preserving six-day mail delivery. In recent months he led the charge to strengthen the labor movement by working tirelessly to advance desperately needed labor law reform legislation, the Protect the Right to Organize Act. There would be no better way to celebrate Rich’s life than by finishing the job of enacting the PRO Act.

His death is a huge loss for the labor movement and for all our country’s workers, union and non-union alike. He will be missed as a leader, an ally, and a friend. NALC extends its condolences to Rich’s family and to all the men and women of the United Mine Workers union and the AFL-CIO where he was a beloved leader.”

A full remembrance will be published in The Postal Record.