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NALC and the labor movement fight for human rights

Delegates to the 71st Biennial Convention in Detroit adopted a resolution urging the NALC to work with the entire labor movement to call on the Trump administration to stop all seizures of children from families and to obey U.S. and international law on refugees. The AFL-CIO Executive Council, on which NALC President Fredric Rolando sits, renewed this call by issuing a new statement on Sept. 13 and announcing a series of activities to be held in El Paso, TX, on Oct. 30. 

The Solidarity Without Borders initiative will bring labor leaders from around the country to the border region in El Paso. The goal is to shine a light on the plight of families seeking asylum or facing deportation and to bring attention to the appalling conditions in U.S. detention facilities.  

The new statement from our federation’s Executive Council follows one specifically addressing family separations in July 2018. NALC will participate in the El Paso activities.