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NALC ballots being mailed

The National Election Committee, appointed at the Detroit National Convention to conduct the election of national officers for NALC, is in Washington, DC overseeing the printing, stuffing and mailing of ballots.

Candidates for 12 of the 15 national business agent (NBA) positions were unopposed and elected by consent at the Detroit convention. Two candidates were nominated from the floor for each of the following positions: president, executive vice president, vice president, secretary-treasurer, assistant secretary-treasurer, director of city delivery, director of safety and health, director of life insurance, director of health benefits, director of retired members, and NBAs for Regions 2, 4 and 9. Five candidates were nominated from the floor for three national trustee positions.

The election is being conducted by mail ballot in accordance with the NALC Constitution. The Election Committee has retained the services of Hartsfield Resolution Group of St. Clair Shores, MI, to assist it in supervising the conduct of the election. The committee has also retained Mosaic, a print communications company located in Cheverly, MD, to prepare and mail the ballots.

The committee has reviewed and approved all nominating forms and has created the ballot for mailing. Official election instructions will be included with all ballots mailed to eligible NALC members.

To be eligible to vote, a person must be a regular member of NALC and in good standing as of June 1, 2018. NBAs will be elected by the members in their respective regions.

Ballots are currently being prepared, inserted and mailed. All ballots are expected to be mailed by September 14.  

If you are eligible to vote and do not receive a ballot by Friday, Sept. 21, or if you have spoiled your ballot or need another ballot for any reason, you must notify your branch officers to request a duplicate ballot.  When making this request, you should provide your branch officer with your name and current mailing address.  Branch officers are instructed to immediately contact the NALC at 202-393-4695 to request a duplicate, replacement ballot. If you cast your original ballot and a duplicate ballot, only the duplicate ballot will be counted.

The deadline for branch officers to contact NALC is 4 p.m. Eastern Time on Monday, Sept. 24. 

Ballots must be received by 9 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 4, to be counted. The counting of ballots will begin that day.

Nominees who will appear on the ballot (in the order that they will appear on the ballot) are:


— Fredric Rolando, Sarasota, FL Br. 2148

— David Noble, Washington, DC Br. 142

Executive Vice President

—Brian Renfroe, Hattiesburg, MS Br. 938

—Rachael Elmore, Freehold, NJ Br. 924

Vice President

—Lew Drass, Huntsville, AL Br. 462

—Sara Gresham, Newport News, VA Br. 609


—Jerry Kerner Jr., Baltimore, MD Br. 176

—Nicole Rhine, Lincoln, NE Br. 8

Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

—Paul Barner, Roswell, GA Br. 4862

—Kathryn R. Myers, Billings, MT Br. 815

Director of City Delivery

—Christopher Jackson, Garden Grove, CA Br. 1100

—Thomas A. Houff, Richmond, VA Br. 496

Director, Safety and Health

—Manuel L. Peralta Jr., Garden Grove, CA Br. 1100

—Douglas L. Peters II, Lansing, MI Br. 122

Director of Life Insurance

—Alan Nagata, Salt Lake City, UT Br. 111

—James W. Yates, Long Island Merged, NY Br. 6000

Director, Health Benefit Plan

—Robert R. Brunette, Sheboygan, WI Br.102

—Stephanie Stewart, Central Iowa Mgd. Br. 352

Director, Retired Members

—Daniel Toth, Lorain, OH Br. 583

—Thomas E. Fath, Decatur, IL Br. 317

National Trustees (three positions)

—Lawrence D. Brown Jr., Los Angeles, CA Br. 24

—Michael Gill, South Florida Br. 1071

—Carol E. Paxton, New Orleans, LA Br. 124

—Rolando Rodriguez, Anderson, IN Br. 489

—Mack I. Julion, Chicago Br. 11

Region 2 NBA

—Michael Wahlquist, Salt Lake City, UT Br. 111

—Nick Vafiades, Longview, WA Br. 2214

Region 4 NBA

—Dan Versluis, Tucson, AZ Br. 704

—Anita Lewallen, Conway, AR Br. 1592

Region 9 NBA

—Lynne Pendleton, Central Florida Br. 1091

—Kenneth R. Gibbs Jr., Brunswick, GA Br. 313

The Election Committee, as appointed by President Fredric Rolando, is made up of Garden Grove, CA Branch 1100’s Barbara Stickler (chairperson); Mike O’Neill, New Jersey Merged Branch 38; Rod Holub, Manhattan, KS Branch 1018; Delano Wilson, Silver Spring, MD Branch 2611; Antonia Shields, Birmingham, AL Branch 530; Paul Roznowski, Royal Oak, MI Branch 3126; Ethel Ford, Houston, TX Branch 283; Tom Dlugolenski, Syracuse, NY Branch 134; Margaret Parker, Aurora, IL Branch 219; and Brian Wiggins, Seattle, WA Branch 79.