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NALC national elections

The National Election Committee, appointed at the Detroit National Convention to conduct the election of national officers for NALC for four-year terms, has announced the results.

Here are the results, listed in ballot order. Winners are highlighted in italics. Note that voting for the regional national business agent offices was limited to NALC members in good standing from the respective regions:


— Fredric Rolando, Sarasota, FL Br. 2148: 48,977

— David Noble, Washington, DC Br. 142: 11,099

Executive Vice President

—Brian Renfroe, Hattiesburg, MS Br. 938: 42,708

—Rachael Elmore, Freehold, NJ Br. 924: 16,064

Vice President

—Lew Drass, Huntsville, AL Br. 462: 38,732

—Sara Gresham, Newport News, VA Br. 609: 19,314


—Jerry Kerner Jr., Baltimore, MD Br. 176: 15,317

—Nicole Rhine, Lincoln, NE Br. 8: 42,981

Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

—Paul Barner, Roswell, GA Br. 4862: 35,315

—Kathryn R. Myers, Billings, MT Br. 815: 22,153

Director of City Delivery

—Christopher Jackson, Garden Grove, CA Br. 1100: 43,886

—Thomas A. Houff, Richmond, VA Br. 496: 13,470

Director, Safety and Health

—Manuel L. Peralta Jr., Garden Grove, CA Br. 1100: 42,006

—Douglas L. Peters II, Lansing, MI Br. 122: 16,071

Director of Life Insurance

—Alan Nagata, Salt Lake City, UT Br. 111: 17,889

—James W. Yates, Long Island Merged, NY Br. 6000: 39,449

Director, Health Benefit Plan

—Robert R. Brunette, Sheboygan, WI Br. 102: 14,363

—Stephanie Stewart, Central Iowa Mgd. Br. 352: 43,355

Director, Retired Members

—Daniel Toth, Lorain, OH Br. 583: 43,952

—Thomas E. Fath, Decatur, IL Br. 317: 13,047

National Trustees (three positions)

—Lawrence D. Brown Jr., Los Angeles, CA Br. 24: 41,832

—Michael Gill, South Florida Br. 1071: 40,170

—Carol E. Paxton, New Orleans, LA Br. 124: 27,487

—Rolando Rodriguez, Anderson, IN Br. 489: 16,029

—Mack I. Julion, Chicago Br. 11: 35,138

Region 2 National Business Agent

—Michael Wahlquist, Salt Lake City, UT Br. 111: 1,084

—Nick Vafiades, Longview, WA Br. 2214: 1,300

Region 4 National Business Agent

—Dan Versluis, Tucson, AZ Br. 704: 1,801

—Anita Lewallen, Conway, AR Br. 1592: 1,337

Region 9 National Business Agent

—Lynne Pendleton, Central Florida Br. 1091: 3,481

—Kenneth R. Gibbs Jr., Brunswick, GA Br. 313: 2,977


The official announcement will be in the November issue of The Postal Record.