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NALC President Brian L. Renfroe’s statement on President Biden’s State of the Union address

NALC President Brian L. Renfroe issued the following statement after President Biden’s State of the Union address:

“NALC applauds President Biden for recognizing that unions are the strength of the American workforce. We appreciate his support of organized labor, and we commend him for calling on Congress to pass the PRO Act, which would give all workers the ability to organize and negotiate higher wages, better healthcare and retirement benefits, and safer working conditions.

“NALC also recognizes President Biden’s commitment to working with Speaker McCarthy on addressing the debt limit crisis. As we have seen in the past, federal employees, including letter carriers, have been an easy target in these types of negotiations. We urge the President to reject any proposals that seek to reduce or eliminate federal retirement benefits, or that would require public servants to pay a larger share for negotiated benefits that NALC members depend on.

“We are committed to continuing working with the Administration and all members of Congress on policies that will improve the work and lives of our members and all working people.”