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NALC Statement on Presidential Election

On behalf of the National Association of Letter Carriers, which represents 285,000 active and retired letter carriers around the country, we congratulate President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their victory today.

This country, like our union, is comprised of diverse and passionate voters ranging from conservative to liberal and everyone in between. As such, it is important that we as a country and a union work to heal divisions and work in unity to ensure that letter carriers and the Postal Service are not only protected, but promoted.

This election and pandemic has shown the importance of the Postal Service network. For the last four years, we’ve had to play defense against attacks from the current administration. Now, it is time to go on the offense for letter carriers in providing Covid-relief to this agency, repealing the mandate to prefund retiree health care and utilizing the network to continue serving the nation.

NALC is excited to continue this important work and stands ready to work with the Biden-Harris administration in the coming months and years.