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NALC urges Congress to vote “no” on TAA, TPA and the Customs enforcement bills

A statement from NALC President Fredric Rolando:

On behalf of the 277,000 letter carriers represented by the NALC, I strongly urge Congress to vote “no” on passage of TAA, TPA and the Customs enforcement bills when they come up for a vote today.

This package of trade reform is wrong for workers and, as has been previously outlined, it has serious implications for the Postal Service as well.

Unfortunately, the gateway bill that triggers consideration of the trade package also is deeply flawed.

No matter how you look at it, if Congress votes in favor of this package, it essentially will be raiding Medicare to the tune of $950 million to pay for TAA.

Besides, the TAA bill already falls short because it fails to provide adequate funding for the needed training, income and support of displaced workers, and because it fails to cover public-sector workers.

We ask Congress to reject all of these flawed bills.