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NALC, USPS settle national-level maximization case

The NALC and the Postal Service have settled national level case Q06N-4Q-C 10151541 concerning whether the maximization provision of Article 7.3.C apply to time spent by a PTF working on an unoccupied assignment.

In this new settlement (M-01837) the parties agreed that the time worked on an unoccupied assignment pursuant to Article 41.2.B.4 of the National Agreement is subject to the provision of Article 7.3.C. They further agreed that if the office is under withholding at the time the triggering criteria is met, a full-time position will be created pursuant to Article 7.3.C and the resulting residual vacancy will be withheld. This settlement is similar to (M-01475) which dealt with time spent on an occupied assignment. To read more on the maximization provisions of the contract see pages 7-20 to 7-26 of the April 2009 JCAM.