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National Election Committee reviews nominations, sets election dates

The National Election Committee, appointed at the Philadelphia Convention to conduct the election of national officers for the NALC, met on Aug. 15 in Washington, DC, to set the rules and procedures for the election. It also conducted the random drawing to determine the order of the names as they will appear on the ballot for each office.

The election will be conducted by mail ballot and administered by an independent party, following the requirements of the NALC Constitution and the regulations of the U.S. Department of Labor and subject to oversight by the NALC National Election Committee.

Official election instructions will be included with all ballots mailed to eligible NALC members.

To be eligible to vote, a person must be a regular member of the NALC and in good standing as of June 1, 2014.

Preparation and mailing of ballots is to begin on Monday, Sept. 29, with any ballots ready to mail to go in the mail stream that day. Preparation and mailing will continue on Tuesday, Sept. 30.

Any active or retired member who does not receive a ballot by Wednesday, Oct. 8, is instructed that he or she must notify his or her branch officers. Those branches are instructed to immediately contact the NALC Membership Department to request a duplicate, replacement ballot.

The deadline for branch officers to contact the Membership Department is 4 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday, Oct. 10. Only a branch officer can request a duplicate ballot.

Ballots must be received by 9 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 20, to be counted. The counting of ballots will begin on Oct. 20.

The committee held a teleconference on Aug. 8 to review the nominations for national office submitted at the convention on July 23, following the procedure outlined by the NALC Constitution.

Prior to the teleconference, National Election Committee Chairman Joe DeRossi, a member of Brooklyn, NY Branch 41, distributed the submitted nomination forms to the nine election committee members for review.

Upon examination, the committee determined that three nominations did not meet the requirements for certification under the terms of the NALC Constitution, and committee members voted unanimously to disqualify all three.

Those disqualified were director of retired members candidate Ken Ring of Minneapolis Branch 9, director of safety and health candidate Travis Lober of Arizona Merged Branch 1902, and national trustee candidate William Heller of West Coast Florida Branch 1477.

As a result of these disqualifications, the committee declared winners in two of the races for national office:

The third disqualification leaves a field of five remaining nominees for the three national trustee offices.

Nominees who will appear on the ballot (in the order as they will appear on the ballot) are:

— Fredric V. Rolando, Sarasota, FL Br. 2148
— David Noble, Washington, DC Br. 142

Executive Vice President
— Timothy C. O’Malley, Philadelphia Br. 157
— Catherine Jones, Minneapolis Br. 9

Vice President
— Deidre Beal, South Florida Br. 1071
— Lew Drass, Huntsville, AL Br. 462

Assistant Secretary-Treasurer
— Judy Willoughby, Tallahassee Br. 1172
— Sharella Spikes, South Florida Br. 1071

National Trustees
— Lawrence D. Brown Jr., Los Angeles Br. 24
— Randall L. Keller, Mass. Northeast Mgd. Br. 25
— Eryca Bloom, South Florida Br. 1071
— Brett Israel, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Br. 2550
— Mike Gill, South Florida Br. 1071

Region 3 NBA
— Tony Hutson, Springfield, IL Br. 80
— Michael Caref, Chicago Br. 11

Region 6 NBA
— Gary Smith, Grand Rapids, MI Br. 56
— Patrick C. Carroll, South Macomb, MI Br. 4374

Region 10 NBA
— Kathy Baldwin, Beaumont, TX Br. 842
— David Pratt, Albuquerque, NM Br. 504

The Election Committee, as appointed by President Rolando, is made up of: Brooklyn, NY Br. 41’s Joe DeRossi (chairman); Manhattan, KS Br. 1018’s Rod Holub; Birmingham, AL Br. 530’s Antonia Shields; Garden Grove, CA Br. 1100’s Barbara Stickler; Jamaica, NY Br. 562’s Andrew Wiener; Royal Oak, MI Br. 3126’s Paul Roznowski; Van Nuys, CA Br. 2462’s Calvin Brookins; Houston, TX Br. 283’s Ethel Ford; Central Florida Br. 1091’s Lynne Pendleton; and Silver Spring, MD Br. 2611’s Delano Wilson.

CORRECTIONS: In previous publications, Eryca Bloom was incorrectly identified as Erica Bloom. Additionally, Tony Hutson was incorrectly listed as from Galesburg, IL Branch 88; he is from Springfield, IL Branch 80.

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