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National-level arbitration case decided on ‘Work and Time Standards Video Recording’

A national-level grievance (Q06N-4Q-C 12013405) was filed when the U.S. Postal Service informed NALC that the agency was conducting a unilateral review of city letter carrier office activities to gather data for national negotiations during the 2011 round of bargaining. The Postal Service video recorded 400 city letter carriers performing office duties in different places around the country. The NALC took the position that the Postal Service’s actions violated Article 34 of the National Agreement.

In an award dated Aug. 9, 2016, National Arbitrator Dennis Nolan sustained the NALC’s position when he ruled, "Article 34 applies to time or work studies designed to be used in negotiations or interest arbitration as well as to studies designed to be used for changing work measurement systems or work or time standards during the term of an Agreement."

Arbitrator Nolan ended his award by saying, "The grievance is sustained. The Postal Service is directed to comply with Article 34 when conducting time or work studies designed for use in collective bargaining or interest arbitration."

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