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New memorandum of understanding on filling full-time regular opportunities

NALC and the Postal Service have agreed on the MOU Re: Full-time Regular Opportunities – City Letter Carrier Craft (M-01834), which extends the August 30, 2013 MOU Re: Residual Vacancies – City Letter Carrier Craft (M-01824) through May 31, 2014 and, effective June 1, 2014, incorporates changes to the process for filling full-time regular opportunities in the city letter carrier craft.

In the new process effective June 1, both residual vacancies and other full-time regular opportunities will be filled through the process defined in the MOU. In step 2 of the process, transfers will only be accepted from part-time flexible city letter carriers.

Transfer requests from all other qualified employees may only be accepted under step 3 of the process along with CCA conversions to full-time status, and are subject to the 1 in 4 or 1 in 6 ratios, as applicable.

The previous MOU (M-01824) resulted in the granting of thousands of transfer requests that had been on hold in eReassign for several years in some cases, as well as thousands of CCA conversions to full-time career status. Now that many of those transfer requests have been processed, the negotiated changes are designed to fill full-time regular opportunities with a mix of transfers (when requested) and CCA conversions to full-time career status.

Some areas had and continue to have very long lists of transfer requests, which previously resulted in filling vacancies with all transfers and no CCA conversions in select areas. The changes address this issue while maintaining the ability of employees to transfer, only limiting it to the ratios contained in the transfer memo.

This agreement is effective through March 31, 2015.