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NLRB charges USPS with failing to bargain with NALC over cyber attack’s potential impact on letter carriers

The National Labor Relations Board has formally charged the Postal Service with failing to bargain with the NALC over the potential impact on letter carriers of the September cyber-security breach that compromised Postal Service computers containing workers’ personal and employment information, including medical, injury compensation, banking, Social Security and other personally identifiable information.

In a complaint issued on March 31, the Board alleges that “since about November 10, 2014 [the Postal Service] has failed and refused to bargain collectively about” the cyber breach.

The complaint also alleges that the Postal Service unilaterally granted letter carriers one year of credit monitoring services and fraud insurance, without prior notice to the NALC and without providing the union an opportunity to bargain.

The NLRB complaint is based on an unfair labor practice charge filed by the NALC on Nov. 11. Similar complaints have been issued based on charges filed by the APWU and National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association. 

A hearing on the complaint before an NLRB Administrative Judge is presently scheduled for May 22. 

Click here to see a copy of the complaint.