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Postal Board of Governors selects chairman and vice chairman

On Jan. 12, the Postal Service Board of Governors (BOG) unanimously selected Roman Martinez, a Republican, to serve as chairman and Anton Hajjar, a Democrat, as vice chairman.

After the administration declined to nominate then-Chairman Ron Bloom, a Democrat, to another term in December, Vice Chairman Martinez served as acting chairman. Also in December, the administration declined to nominate Republican John Barger to another term. The administration nominated two new governors to replace Bloom and Barger; Dan Tangherlini, a Democrat, and Derek Kan, a Republican, who are both awaiting Senate consideration for confirmation.

As required by the Postal Reorganization Act, the president nominates members of the nine-member BOG, which is responsible for overseeing the executive management of the Postal Service. By law, no more than five members can be affiliated with the same political party.

NALC will continue to update letter carriers as nominations and other changes to the BOG occur.