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Recent letter carrier deaths

NALC is deeply saddened to learn of the deaths of three active letter carriers.

Raul Linares died in an off-duty motorcycle accident on March 31. Brother Linares was a member of Laredo, TX Branch 354, and he carried the mail for six years. He is survived by his parents and his five children, Desiree, Delilah, Daisy, Jenna and Daniel. He was 36.

Danielle Kelly died on Feb. 10 from a blood clot in her heart, possibly related to a knee injury she suffered while on her route on Jan. 19. Sister Kelly was a member of Jacksonville, FL Branch 53. She started as a city carrier assistant in Dec. 2021. Danielle is survived by her husband. She was 34.

Gerald Kudronowicz was found deceased in his work vehicle on Jan. 15. Brother Kudronowicz was a member of Lone Star, TX Branch 132, and he had been a letter carrier for 27 years. He is survived by his mother Mary Ann, his brother Dennis and his sister Rene. He was 65.

“NALC mourns the losses of Raul Linares, Danielle Kelly and Gerald Kudronowicz,” NALC President Fredric Rolando said. “We send our deepest condolences to their family, friends and colleagues.”