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Recent off-duty letter carrier deaths

NALC is deeply saddened to learn of three active letter carriers who recently died while off duty.

Nicholas Avellino died on May 18 after suffering from an aneurism. Brother Avellino had been a letter carrier for less than a year and was a member of Cherry Hill/Haddonfield, NJ Branch 769. He was 29.

Heather Kendall died in a car accident on her way to work on May 26. Sister Kendall started as a letter carrier in 2021, and she was a member of Crawfordsville, IN Branch 198. Heather is survived by her father Howard and her sisters Erica, Kristina and Terre. She was 38.

Javier Rodarte died in an off-duty car accident on May 29. Brother Rodarte served in the Marine Corps for 25 years before he joined the Postal Service as a letter carrier in 2004. Javier was a member of Leitchfield, KY Branch 5799. He is survived by his wife Linda, his daughter Sarah, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He was 62.

“NALC mourns the losses of these letter carriers,” NALC President Fredric Rolando said. “We send our deepest sympathies to their families, friends and colleagues.”