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Rolando appoints new NBA, RAA

NALC President Fredric Rolando appointed a new national business agent (NBA) and regional administrative assistant (RAA) after Region 12 NBA Dave Napadano retired this month. To fill the vacancy, Rolando appointed Brian Thompson of New Castle, PA Branch 22 as the new NBA for Region 12 (Pennsylvania and southern and central New Jersey). Thompson previously served as RAA for Region 12.

Before Rolando appointed Thompson to be an RAA in 2016, he served as Branch 22 president, executive vice president and secretary-treasurer. He also worked as an arbitration advocate, NALC district team lead, route adjustment team member, and served on the Pennsylvania State Association executive board. Thompson participated in the NALC National Joint Task Force for Article 8, Route Adjustment, Workplace Environment and City Delivery in 2013. Thompson began his career as a carrier in 2004 after working as a clerk. He graduated from the NALC Leadership Academy in 2009.

To fill Thompson’s shoes as Region 12 RAA, Rolando appointed Bux-Mont, PA Branch 920 member Steve Wiley, who previously served as executive vice president of his branch.

Wiley began his letter carrier career as a part-time flexible (PTF) in 2004. He has served as his branch’s representative for route inspections, as an arbitration advocate and as executive vice president of his branch, a position he held until his appointment as RAA. Wiley also served periodically as a local business agent for Region 12. He graduated from the NALC Leadership Academy in 2019.

“We owe our thanks to Dave Napadano for his service and our best wishes in his retirement,” Rolando said. “I look forward to working with Brian and Steve in Region 12.”