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Settlement Reached on Grievance Concerning Video Technology Testing in Vehicles

A settlement has been reached between NALC and USPS regarding national-level grievance Q16N-4Q-C 19378670 concerning whether the testing of video technology in city delivery vehicles violates the National Agreement.

The parties agree that any future use of video technology will comply with the appropriate provisions of the collective bargaining agreement and relevant handbooks and manuals, unless otherwise agreed upon by the national parties.

 Furthermore, the information collected in the 2019 video technology test will be forwarded to the Vice President, Labor Relations and NALC President, or their designees, to jointly determine how the information may be used to assist the parties' continued joint efforts to improve safety and efficiency in city delivery.

The agreement, M-01945 in NALC’s Materials Reference System, constitutes a full and complete settlement of the grievance. Any grievance held pending the outcome of this national case will be closed.