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Thrift Savings Plan creates app and mutual fund offerings

Big changes are coming to how letter carriers interact with the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) online. Beginning in June, TSP will have a new interface to make transactions on letter carriers’ mobile devices easier — including the introduction of a smartphone app — as well as new ways to invest. 

The TSP Mobile App will allow letter carriers to monitor their TSP accounts and complete transactions from anywhere. Users can check their account balance, track fund performance, make transaction requests, submit documents, manage payment information, scan checks and more.

There will also be an upgraded record-keeping system available from the TSP website. Letter carriers’ account summaries will display their investments clearly, and the navigation menu will make it easy for them to find and use account management tools. It will have all the tools users are used to and several new ones.

In addition to investing in TSP funds, letter carriers who meet certain eligibility requirements will have the option to invest some of their TSP savings in a mutual fund window. The mutual fund window is designed for TSP participants who are interested in greater investment flexibility. However, there will be fees for these transactions.

Some TSP transactions will be temporarily suspended from May 16 until the first week of June to allow for the transition to the new tools. The TSP website and the TSP Thriftline will also be closed from May 27 to May 31 to complete the process. For more information, go to