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TODAY’S TOPICS: Nov. 6, 2014

Moving the needle: By now, it’s not really news that the Postal Service expects to handle a lot more package deliveries this holiday season, especially since letter carriers did such a good job of it last year. What’s noteworthy here is how, in a story about that, the country’s biggest newspaper—read daily by business leaders—includes in the story a description of the impact pre-funding has had on USPS’ bottom line. (The Wall Street Journal)

Wednesday morning quarterback: The day after Election Day, the leaders of two federal-employee unions peered into a crystal ball to try to figure out what the next two years will look like for government workers. Letter carriers are looking forward to the ongoing opportunities to educate and engage all lawmakers about our issues and causes. (Federal Times)

The finish line: Some folks are feeling pessimistic about how the outcome of Tuesday’s midterm elections will affect federal workers, especially when it comes to the results in some key races featuring traditionally federal friendly candidates. Considering how gridlock in Washington seems to be the “new normal,” will things really be so different in 2015 and beyond? (Government Executive)

Polar position: The North Pole may not be on any American letter carrier’s route (hooray?), but with a little effort, you can once again get that special Arctic postmark stamped on your holiday greeting cards. (