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TODAY'S TOPICS: Oct. 22, 2014

News items from various industry corners that could be of interest to letter carriers:

Canada Begins Phasing Out Door-To-Door Postal Service; All Home Delivery To End By 2019: Canada Post slowly switches to cluster boxes. Before jumping to comparisons to the U.S. Postal Service, keep in mind that two-thirds of Canadians never had home delivery to begin with. (Forbes)

Unions and the White House were hardly best friends. But now that’s changing: The Obama administration seems to realize that unions play a major role in maintaining middle-class wages. And since we're talking about Canada, there's this tidbit: "[I]n Canada, where the unionization rate is more than twice what it is in America, the median income has actually grown to surpass the U.S.’s for the first time." (Washington Post)