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Over the next several weeks, the Postal Service will transition to a new organizational structure consisting of three separate operating sectors: Retail & Delivery, Logistics and Processing, and Commerce. The current field structure for processing and delivering the mail consists of 67 Districts within 7 Areas that report to a Headquarters COO. Under the new structure, the delivery and retail sector will consist of 67 Districts (for now) within 4 Areas reporting to one Headquarters COO, and the processing and logistics sector will consist of 12 Divisions within 2 Regions reporting to another Headquarters COO.

Regardless of the operational structure of the Postal Service, NALC will continue to prioritize safe and efficient work methods, good service to our customers, dignity and respect in the workplace, and contractual compliance. We are in the process of engaging those within the new operational structure to rescind several operational initiatives that are clearly inconsistent with these objectives. Rather than fostering the unilateral implementation of reckless initiatives, the Postal Service must work with the NALC in our joint task forces to accomplish our common goals.