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White House releases FY 2021 budget proposal

The Trump Administration released its $4.8 trillion Fiscal Year 2021 budget proposal on Feb. 10. With regards to the U.S. Postal Service, as in previous budget requests the White House proposal includes:

“…changes to how rates are set for products that are deemed outside the universal service obligation; changes to delivery processing, mode, and frequency; increased use of private sector partners; more closely aligning Postal Service employee wages with those of other Federal employees; licensing access to the mailbox; and providing additional Government services at retail locations. In addition to Government-wide changes to health and pension programs that will reduce Agency operating costs, the Budget also proposes to re-amortize the payments to the Retiree Health Benefits Fund, including those payments missed in previous years, based on the Postal employee population at or near the retirement age.”

Major provisions affecting NALC members in the White House budget request are similar to past years. They are outlined below.

Postal Service

Federal Employees Retirement & Health Benefits

Department of Labor

It is important for letter carriers to urge their representatives in Washington to reject attacks on the federal workforce as well as on the Postal Service and its networks.

NALC will continue to update letter carriers on the process, as additional budget details are released and as the House and Senate begin their budget considerations.