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‘Window of operations’

In an ongoing effort to provide tools to combat contract violations, CAU has scanned and posted regional arbitration decisions which support the union position concerning Article 8 violations and Window of Operation (WOO). The Postal Service often argues it has a right to establish a predetermined time when carriers should be off the street. Consequently, the Postal Service argues it has no option but to work carriers who are not on the OTDL to meet their WOO obligation. These regional cases will provide significant insights into arguments the union has advanced which have been successful. The two national level decisions are relevant to the regional cases because they also provide significant insights into arguments the union can advance.

You should also study NALC’s White Paper on overtime, staffing, and simultaneous scheduling. Click here to read or download the document (M-01548).

This CAU White Paper explains how NALC representatives can challenge the Postal Service's widespread failure to staff facilities sufficiently, a failure that has led to numerous violations of the contractual overtime rules. Management in many places has consistently worked letter carriers beyond the contractual maximums of 12 hours per day and 60 hours per week. In addition, in many facilities the Postal Service has engaged in the “simultaneous scheduling” of overtime for ODL and non-ODL letter carriers.

The White Paper will help NALC representatives to prepare challenges to both types of overtime violations, and seek remedies requiring the Postal Service to comply with the contract by staffing its facilities with sufficient letter carriers. The paper reviews the negotiating history of the Article 8 overtime provisions, showing how a course of bargaining over more than three decades has produced a contract that bans the abuse of employees through excessive overtime. The white paper also shows the fallacy of the Postal Service “operational window” defense, which it has often offered as justification for its pattern of overtime violations.

You should consider using the national and regional decisions listed below alongside NALC's White Paper when preparing your WOO grievance file.

After reviewing the linked “C” number decisions, contact your NBA for additional guidance in preparing your grievance file.

C-28543 Dilts, IN | C-27150 Hutt, CA | C-27141 Dilts, KS | C-27129 Simmelkjaer, CT

C-27125 A&B Thomas, NY | C-27037 Robert, NY | C-27022 Klein, WI | C-26914 Cendi, CT

C-26768 Deinhardt, CTC-09897 Mittenthal WDC (national) | C-13902 Mittenthal WDC (national)