Workplace issues

Suspicious powder exercises

NALC’s Director of Safety and Health Manny Peralta wants letter carriers to know the Postal Service has issued Tabletop Exercise Guides and a Checklist to ensure that a consistent and reasoned response is followed when suspicious powder is found in the mail.

To make sure that the responses remain consistent and protective, the Postal Service is requiring operations managers, supervisors, support staff and postmasters to become familiar with the procedures by conducting tabletop exercises. (See chart for links to the USPS Suspicious Powder materials.)

Peralta advises NALC branch leaders to learn about exercises being conducted in their own post office(s), to request they be invited to participate in the local exercises and to inform NALC members about the new response procedures instituted to protect the safety of all letter carriers.

NALC branches: Make sure this directive is carried out in all your postal facilities!

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