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2020 Convention Reports

2020 National Convention cancelled

In 2020, the NALC Executive Council indefinitely postponed the Honolulu Convention due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, which made it impossible for delegates to travel safely or to meet in large numbers during 2020. In 2021, it became clear to the Executive Council that it would not be possible to safely hold the NALC convention in Honolulu in calendar year 2021 either. In view of this reality, the Executive Council unanimously decided to cancel the Honolulu Convention.

NALC will convene in convention in Chicago, Illinois during the week of August 8th in 2022. What would have been the 73rd Biennial Convention will now be the 72nd National Convention. In view of this:

  1. Officer reports: Officer reports that would have covered the two-year period between the 2018 convention in Detroit and the 2020 convention in Honolulu will be expanded to cover the four-year period between 2018 and 2022 and will be provided at the Chicago convention.
  2. Other reports: Financial reports and some other convention reports that would normally have been published in the 2020 convention materials in Honolulu are now available. Those reports that would have run in The Postal Record last year are posted below, while delegate materials are now available to the Honolulu convention delegates through the website’s members-only portal.
  3. Standing Committees and Convention Committees: Members appointed to standing committees after the Detroit Convention will continue to serve on those committees through the convention in Chicago. President Rolando will make new convention committee appointments for the Chicago convention early next year.
  4. Convention Awards for 2020: Awards for branch communications, LCPF contributions, MDA fundraising, Organizing, and the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive that would have been presented in Honolulu will be presented in Chicago along with the winners of the 2022 awards. Winners of the 2020 awards are announced below.
  5. Delegate elections: Branches should follow their by-laws in electing delegates to the Chicago Convention.
  6. Resolutions and amendments: Resolutions and amendments that were submitted to the Honolulu convention will be placed into consideration for the Chicago Convention.
  7. AFL-CIO delegates: The NALC delegates elected by the 70th Biennial Convention in Los Angeles in 2016 will represent NALC at the AFL-CIO quadrennial convention in June 2022. That convention was originally scheduled for October of 2021, but was postponed.

"As we have all learned over the past year or so, our union is stronger than ever – even though most of our activities have been conducted remotely via video conference," NALC President Fredric Rolando said. "As our country recovers from this terrible pandemic, nothing will give me greater joy than the ability to once again meet in person with the thousands of branch activists and leaders that give the NALC its strength.”

"The Executive Council deeply appreciates the leadership and membership of Honolulu Branch 860 for all the hard work they did to get ready for the 2020 convention. My personal thanks to Branch President Howard Komine and his team for the fantastic job they did to prepare for the cancelled convention. The missed opportunity to visit the beautiful state of Hawaii is a collective loss to our great union and all the convention delegates – and yet another cost of the pandemic. It is my hope that another opportunity to schedule a convention or a rap session in Honolulu will arise in the future."

2020 Convention Reports

2020 Convention Awards